Strategy Tips To Get The Most Of Binary Options Signals


As a trader, having strategies to keep you in the game is an important element in binary options trading. You cannot sit back employ the same strategies that have been in use over and over again. Instead, you need to adjust according to the changes in binary options signals services.

Even though some strategies have not been fully tested, there are some that have already been proven to work amazingly and give you the best results. The following tips that we have listed are proven to work regardless of the type of trade. Each of them can help you avoid massive losses and should work to ensure that you are able to accumulate higher profits.

  • Always choose binary options signals providers carefully. Not all binary signal providers are reliable and some may cause you to incur losses due to delayed notifications.
  • Never subscribe to a binary options signal service that is going to strain your budget and make it really difficult for you to absorb a loss. You can always start with the free trials as you make profits and become financially able to go for the monthly plans.
  • If you invest in a low cost service that offers only one medium for communicating signals, do not expect instant success rates or substantial profits.
  • If you are doing only basic trades, it is wise to go for the cheapest plans offered because this saves you a lot of expenses that are incurred in the premium plans while your trades need only a few signals a day.
  • Regardless of the service that you use to get binary options signals, when you incur several losses in a row, it might be time to look for another software and try and see whether results change.
  • For traders who use systems that offer timeframes of 5 or less minutes, always wait until majority of the 5-minute candle closes above the upper band, and also a few seconds before the candle closes then place your call. Note that this works best for Bollinger bands.
  • Always stay up to date on the changes in the subscription plans of your binary options signals provider in order to be able to know whether the weekly plan that most binary options services offer or the monthly subscription works best for you.


For new and existing traders, having a strategy to guide you on binary options signals is something that’s too important to be ignored. Starter traders may adopt the most basic strategies but as time goes, they will advance to the more complex methods. As time goes by, more strategies shall come up as traders understand the trade more, which will make binary options signals easier to use and cost effective.


With the above tips, it is time to choose your preferred binary options signals provider then try them. Remember that you should never trade too much capital than you can be able to account for if you incur losses. Another point to note is that you should avoid putting all your eggs in one basket without considering the possibilities of losses occurring.

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Could Banc de Binary be a Scam?

If you are trading binary options, than you have probably heard of Banc de Binary, and there is a good chance that you’ve heard of it even if you are not in that business. It is a very popular binary options broker that has been on the market for some time now. On the various lists of the best binary options brokers, it is always among the top 5 of them. But still, many people have expressed concerns about it; not because Banc de Binary has given them a reason for than, but mostly because they believe that binary options trading is not a safe business. They are also wondering is they could be scammed, so they ask a question if Banc de Binary could be a scam.

The very first thing that leads us to believe that Banc de Binary is not a scam is the fact that it has been around for some time now. This binary options broker was established in 2009, which means that it has been on the market for 6 years now. And if it was a scam, it is safe to assume that someone would get it by now. Also, in these six years, Banc de Binary has continued to upgrade itself and to fix whatever it is that was considered to be a drawback. That is why we cans ay that it is not a scam, but still, let’s see if there are any more evidence that could prove our point.banc-de-binary (1)

The next thing that tells us that Banc de Binary is in no way a scam is the fact that this binary options broker is fully regulated. This means that it must follow all the rules that are imposed on it by the authorities, because the regulatory body is regulating its every step. It it would chose not to follow the rules, it would lose the regulatory body, and it wouldn’t be trusted anymore. However, it is being regulated, and is being regulated by some of the most respectable regulatory agencies in the world. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Banc de Binary is not a scam. But, let’s see again if we could find any other evidence that could support this claim.


Banc de Binary is a binary options broker that has a great customer support service. That means that this binary options broker is doing all it can to make sure that everything runs the best it can, and that it doesn’t want its clients to suffer. That is why the help them out whenever they are in trouble, and whenever they come across something they can’t solve regarding the binary options and the broker itself. Why would any scammer go to ll this trouble, just to scam you for a few hundred dollars? We believe that it is safer to assume that Banc de Binary is not a scam. But, this is not just our claim; this is a claim that has been supported by evidence, which basically tells us that there is no scamming going on here.

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Steps to Take For a Successful Binary Options Trade

It appears that binary options trading is a walk in the park, because everyone seems to be doing it. Well, that’s maybe what it looks like, but it is a lot tougher than people believe. No binary options trader was born with all that knowledge, and he had to pick it up somewhere. Well, we are not going to give you the entire educational material related to binary options trade, but we are now going to tell you what are the steps that every good binary options broker needs to take. That way, he’ll be sure that he is good at trading, and that he didn’t wind up on one of the binary options scam brokers. So, without any further ado, let’s start listing those steps, shall we?

1 – Understanding what Binary Options are

In order to be a good binary options trader, you need to figure out what Binary Options really are. You need to understand what’s being traded there, and you need to figure out how that’s being done. You need to know that Binary Options trading is a type of trading in which you only have two possible outcomes (therefore the name “binary), and you need to pick if the price of the asset you’ve selected would go up or down. If you’ve picked the options that proved to be correct, you won some money.

What are Binary Options?

2 – Understand the Terminology

Like any other business, Binary Options trading has its own terminology that is being used while trading. If you do not understand the terminology, you won’t be able to conduct good trades, not will you be able to understand other traders or even the customer support service. So, learn the terms used here, and you’ll be on your way of becoming a good Binary Options trader.

Binary-Options-Brokers-in-Canada3 – Find a Good Broker

In order to be sure that you don’t end up on one of those binary options scam brokers, you need to find a good binary options broker,and you can chek is that broker is a scam or not (for example check out if TropicalTrade scam is real or not), and you can do it in several ways. But, perhaps the best one is to see which of the binary options brokers is rated the best. Also, you need to see if the broker is being regulated, because if it is, there are practically no chances of being scammed. You see, binary options brokers need to follow all the rules if they are being regulated; and believe us, no broker would ever break the rules and risk being penalized or even risk losing the regulatory agency that is watching it.

4 – See How the Trading Platform Looks

A good broker is good only when it has a great binary options trading platform. So, in order to be sure that you are on a good broker, you need to see how its trading platform looks. It needs to be completely simple and user friendly. This is really important if you are a beginner, but it won’t hurt you even if you are an expert. It will help you trade with more ease, and will make you an overall better trader.

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Porter Finance Trading Platform

In order to be a good binary options trader, you need to find a good binary options broker that will provide you with everything you need. That is the only way for you to be truly great at trading binary options and make some decent profit. But, apart from all the bonuses and other stuff, it is the binary options trading platform that is the most important thing in every broker, and you need to find one with a good platform. And now, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the binary options trading platform used by a binary options broker called Porter Finance. Check it out, and it could be the tip on the scale porterfinance-brokerthat might determine if you are going to use this broker, or move on to another one.

First, we are going to tell you a thing or two about the trading platform in general. The trading platform used by Porter Finance is thought to be highly rich with various features, according to the experts that have rated it. These experts have also said that this platform is truly versatile, and that it is highly responsive, which is a great news for all the traders out there. But, this platform is also extremely user friendly, which makes it great for all the beginners out there, who were perhaps wondering if it could be too confusing or too difficult to handle. Well, the good news is that it is not, and that figuring it out is a piece of cake. The trading platform that Porter Finance uses practically adapts to all of your needs, and is great because the experts say that you can just customize it, and turn it into whatever you, as a trader, need.

You can also customize all the modules on this platform to whatever it is you need or want due to the fact that Porter Finance’s platform is modular. So, you can change it if you want to change the way you access some features, if you want to change the way it looks, or if you just want to do something different. This practically means that the design of this binary options trading platform is great in a sense that you can just change it whenever you want to. It is good for both the beginners and the veteran traders, because each of them can change the platform in order to suit their needs. The veteran traders might want to add more features for even more complex trades, while the beginners might want to make the platform as simple as possible. So, basically, this is a trading platform in which everyone can feel at home and very comfortable.


Also, it is impossible to speak about a binary options trading platform, and not to mention the assets it offers. Porter Finance has a platform that allows us to trade in more than 50 indices, and more than 100 stocks. Also, you can trade currency pairs, 28 of them to be exact, as well as 11 commodities. This means that you can find something you like, and you don’t have to look hard for it.

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Why Choose The Binary Option Robot Over Other Auto Trading Software?

There are such a variety of financial specialists out there that simply don’t have enough time to exchange binary options the way they might want. Numerous have occupied lives that incorporate work, family commitments and different errands that hold them from taking a seat at their PC and making exchanges. It is particularly hard if the speculator is beginning to make fruitful exchanges all the time, however, is still not prepared to leave the security of their business to wind up an expert binary options broker. So what is a financial specialist to do all things considered? Numerous swing to auto exchanging projects, for example, the Binary option demo.

There are two principle reasons that individuals pick the Binary Option Robot over different projects that are like it. The main and most imperative reason is on the grounds that it conveys reliable results that offer subterranean insect some assistance with leveling merchant win all the more regularly at their binary options exchanging. The other reason is this astounding auto exchanging project is 100% free. It may be said that any financial specialist would be hasty to pick another auto merchant given these sorts of results. It really beats the greater part of its opposition.

unnamed (1)

Could a free program like the Binary Option Robot be trusted to deliver?

robot-250The Binary Option Robot has been demonstrated to create winning exchanges as frequently or more than even the top binary options specialists; very few auto exchanging projects can make that claim. Try not to be tricked by the way that it is free, the notorieties of the sites that it is good with would not permit any auto exchanging programming on them that does not deliver steady champs the system really works.

A financial specialist can believe it in light of the fact that the Binary Option Robot can be setup to be an expansion of the speculator themselves. They tell the robot the parameters they need it to exchange on, the amount of cash to contribute on every exchange and the amount they are willing to hazard losing before the Binary Option Robot quits exchanging.

The Binary Option Robot truly outperforms the opposition and does in a way that lets occupied brokers continue making effective exchanges notwithstanding when they don’t have sufficient energy to take a seat and place them themselves.

What else arrives to like about the free Binary Option Robot?


The system is anything but difficult to agree to and get working. Every one of the a clients needs to do is enter some data on the Binary Option Robot site, pick a good merchant to join with (the decisions are a portion of the best binary options dealers there is) and after that once they have made a store with the intermediary they can begin exchanging immediately. It doesn’t make a difference the financial specialists binary options exchanging aptitude level either; learner and veteran speculators alike can get good results with the free Binary Option Robot on numerous occasions. The system makes a decent showing of filling in any learning holes that a binary broker has.

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Introduction to Porter Finance

Introduction of this article is not necessary and therefore I will skip it. Let’s do what title says and lets talk about Porter Finance.

This broker is fairly new on the market, it was founded in 2014. The rise of Porter Finance through the ranks of hundreds of brokers is due to two major facts.

USA traders can trade on Porter Finance, because it is not regulated which is one reason for success of Porter Finance.


Another reason for that fast climb into the top lists of binary options brokers is account variability. Porter Finance has rather small deposit requirements for its accounts which enable smaller traders to get the benefits of higher level accounts without depositing tens of thousands. Their accounts range from 250 to 1 000 dollars of minimum deposit. Then there is special VIP account. You have to contact someone from Porter Finance and ask about this account. Only one thing I can share, and that is minimum deposit for VIP membership which is 100 000 dollars.porterfinance-homepage-750-3

Being not regulated has its downsides, but  it is not all bad, too. American traders are allowed to trade because they are not subjected to EU laws and regulations. People don’t trust brokers that are not regulated, and there are good reasons for that. But Porter Finance gave no reason to be avoided. There are no complains I could find about this broker, then again this can be due its founding date. But they don’t ask a lot in the form of deposit for higher tier accounts, the highest being ( as I have mentioned ) 1 000 dollars. So you can’t lose too much money if this broker turns out to be a scam, which I highly doubt.


Earning money through binary options trading is not easy, well for beginners it is not. Porter Finance offers a lot of different types of trading for all traders. Basic Binary trading is available ( trading with high or low options ), then you have quick trade ( binary trade with 60 seconds expiry time ) and you have long term binary trades ( end of the week or month can be expiry dates you pick, then you have a month and 5 months after the trade is placed ). One touch trades are also available as well as range trading ( where you predict in what range price will stay in ).

There are 6 countries that have numbers for support of Porter Finance, but support is only in English language. But this should not be the problem because the power of Google translate is great, and you can contact support with mail or Skype.

I would recommend Porter Finance to beginners, they will have more benefits from this trader than anyone else. Traders that love higher stakes, placing a thousand or two on trade should go somewhere else. I can’t recommend VIP Porter Finance offers because I don’t see the point of investing  100 000 or more dollars. People trade to earn money, you already got it, go on a vacation, buy a mansion, spend that money on yourself – don’t risk it on trading.
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